About Jewelry


Important Tips for All Jewelry

. When doing housework, bathing, sleeping, carrying heavy loads, playing sports, gardening, in the sandbox, or swimming in salt water or chlorinated water, there is a risk of injury, staining, discoloration, deformation, or damage to the product. Please refrain from wearing the product in such situations.

. Please take care not to allow oil from cosmetics, creams, hair sprays, perfumes, etc., or alcohol from nail polish remover, etc., to adhere to the products.

. Please refrain from storing products in places where they are constantly exposed to sunlight or strong light, or in extremely dry places or places with extreme temperature or humidity.

. Please refrain from wearing the product while sleeping, as it may cause impacts to the product due to unintentional movement.

. When changing clothes, please put on the product at the end of getting ready and remove it before taking off your clothes, so that you may prevent the product from getting caught on your clothes.

. If you experience itching, swelling, or any other skin problems while wearing the product, please stop using the product and consult a medical specialist.

. Contact or impact may cause scratches on the product. Dropping the product from a high place may cause deformation or damage to the product. Please refrain from wearing the product if it is damaged.

. Before wearing the product, please check to see if there are any loose parts or defects in the clasp of the product.

Necklaces and Bracelets

. Due to the shape of the chain, the chain may bend at a sharp angle, resulting in a twist or breakage of the chain, and the chain may break. Please handle the chain with care.

. Please keep the chain straight by connecting the clasps of the product. This will prevent the chain from tangling and make it easier to untangle the chain if it does get tangled. This will also prevent the chain and top of the product from colliding and damaging each other.

. Due to the deformation or impact of the spring in the spring clasp of the product, the spring clasp may break and the metal clasp may not close properly. If the spring clasp is not properly closed, there is a risk of losing the spring clasp, so please contact us if the clasp does not work properly.

Pierced Earrings

. Please keep the left and right earrings slightly apart from each other. Please be aware that even a slight load may cause deformation of thin products such as hoop earrings and hook earrings.

. The piercing posts (needles) of the products are thin and delicate and are easily distorted, so we recommend that you wear them while looking in a mirror. Loosening or distortion of the piercing posts may cause the product to fall off. If you find any looseness or distortion of the product, please contact us.

. If you use the product for a long time, the earring catch of the product will gradually become loose, and the earring catch will need to be adjusted. If you feel that the earring catch is loose when you put on or take off the product, please contact us.

. If you feel that the silicon earring catch is loose when putting on or taking off the product, please contact us. If oil gets on the product, please rinse off the oil with water and dry the product well before using it.

. If you lose the earring catch of the product, we can sell you another earring catch. Earring catches come in several sizes. We will suggest the appropriate size of earring catch for your product, so please consult with us.


. Please store your products one by one so that they do not collide with each other. If the products collide with each other, deformation or scratches may occur, which may cause the gemstones to be removed from the products or the brilliance of the products to be lost due to the fine distortion of the products.

Pearls and Gemstones

. Pearls are particularly sensitive to water and acid, so if pearls are left exposed to moisture or perspiration, they will deteriorate and discolor. Pearls may also deteriorate by contact with cosmetics or chemicals, which may cause the pearls to lose their luster or otherwise deteriorate.

. Please refrain from using an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your jewelry, as some of the gemstones in the product may be damaged by impact.

. If the gemstone in the product is hit against something, for example, and a strong force is applied to the direction in which the gemstone is most likely to break, the gemstone may break or chip. In such cases, even diamonds may chip.

. When you wear more than one piece of jewelry in a layer styling, please make sure that the gemstones do not touch other pieces of jewelry. The rubbing of gemstones against each other may cause scratches on the gemstones.

. When wearing jewelry with natural gemstones, please be careful not to drop the jewelry on a hard floor or washbasin. The impact of dropping the product may chip or crack the natural gemstones of the product.


. The surface of the silver in the product may darken due to high humidity, high temperature, cosmetics, perspiration, or other factors. In order to reduce the darkening of silver in products, please do not allow detergents, creams, perfumes, or water, especially pool water (chlorine) and hot spring water (sulfur) to contact the products.

Points to Consider When Selecting Jewelry

Ring Size

. Your finger size may change depending on the customer’s physical condition, the season, and the time of morning and night. The design and width of the ring may also affect how you feel when wearing the product, so please choose the ring size of the product carefully.

Color and Pattern of Natural Gemstones

. Please note that the color and pattern of the natural gemstones in our products may vary from one to another, even if they are the same type of stone. Please keep in mind that the product images on the online store are only images of the product.

Matte-Finished Products

. Matte-finished products will become shiny as they are used. You can also enjoy the aging process of the product as you use it. If you wish to have your product matted again, please contact us.

Care and Storage

. After using the product, it is necessary to clean it regularly with a soft cloth. Please wipe your jewelry gently with a non-abrasive jewelry cloth or a soft cloth before storing it.

. Please note that scratches can occur when metal collides with metal, gemstone collides with metal, or gemstone collides with gemstone. We recommend that you store each item in the jewelry box or pouch that we provide with your purchase.

Repair and After Sales Service

. If the jewelry becomes dull, or if the color or texture of the jewelry changes, we will provide maintenance and repair services, such as cleaning and refinishing, upon your request.

. Please note that we may not be able to repair the product due to the loss of parts or damage to the product.

. The customer will be responsible for the shipping costs of the product to and from our office.

. When requesting a repair, please enclose the “Sales Certificate” that was given to the customer at the time of purchase together with the item that needs repair.

** Contact for Repair/Maintenance

Please send an email to with a clear image of the part that needs repair or maintenance and a copy of the “Sales Certificate” that we provided to you at the time of your purchase. We will send you an estimate and delivery date.

Jewelry Remodeling

. We do not offer remodeling services using your own jewelry or gemstones.